Selling Your House As-Is: What It Means for You

So you’re considering selling your house as-is. As with any decision you make when selling a house, it’s wise to think about the pros and cons and how that impacts you. So what does it mean to you for you to sell your house as-is? What sort of impact does that have on your selling … Continued

The Ideal Home for a Cash Homebuying Company

Cash home buying companies are a subset of cash buyers. Like other cash buyers, they pay for homes in full and are usually able to close on deals very quickly. While cash buyers aren’t typically buying homes for themselves to live in, they are looking for homes to resell or rent out, so they still … Continued

How to Rent Your Home Instead of Own it

Have you ever wondered what it would be like renting your home instead of owning it? You could still live in the place that you love while avoiding all of the disadvantages of home ownership. Perhaps renting your home could really make it your dream home. Advantages to Renting There are many advantages to renting … Continued

Why is it Valuable to Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer?

Selling your home fast for cash probably sounds like a scam to you. However, when you work with a trustworthy buyer, this method of selling can actually be much better than traditional methods. Selling to a cash buyer is very valuable in today’s market. Save Time One of your biggest enemies when selling your home … Continued

How Do You Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer?

When you sell your home to a cash buyer, you typically don’t work with a real estate agent. Without the help of a professional realtor, you may feel a little lost in the selling process. Luckily, selling to a cash buyer is a simple, straightforward process. Find a Trustworthy Buyer The first step to selling … Continued

What Repairs Are Necessary When Selling to a Cash Buyer?

In home ownership, repairs can be one of the costliest aspects. Typically, people assume that they have to finish all repairs before selling their homes. However, at least when you sell to a cash buyer, you don’t always have to complete all repairs or renovations. Negotiate With the Buyer Cash buyers are individual buyers with … Continued

How Selling to a Cash Buyer Saves You Money

Selling to a cash buyer, like a home buying company, is a great alternative to selling your home using traditional methods. You may be skeptical of selling to a cash buyer since they typically purchase properties for lower than regular housing market prices. However, selling to a cash buyer saves you significant amounts of money … Continued

Why It’s Worth Selling Your House for Fast Cash

When you sell your house, who do you sell it to? Most people would answer that they’ll sell it to the highest bidder–and, for some homeowners, that’s probably the best way to go. It’s not the right answer for everyone, though. Sometimes, how fast you can sell your house is more important, especially when you … Continued

How Fast Do Different Buyers Close?

There are a few different aspects of selling a house that can take time. Getting the house ready to be sold and finding a buyer can both take a fair amount of time. Then, there are financing and closing procedures which vary depending on the type of real estate transaction. Given that different types of … Continued

3 Reasons Why People Sell Their Homes to Cash Buyers

Most people who buy homes pay for them with the help of a lender. Not everyone needs a lender to finance the purchase of a property, though. Some people can pay for homes with cash. But does that really make a difference to you as the seller? Why would someone sell their home specifically to … Continued