How Quick the Closing Process is When Working With a Cash Buyer

If you need to sell a home very quickly, you probably don’t want to sell it using traditional methods. Selling a home on the regular housing market can take tedious months or even years, and the value of a home goes down the longer it is on the market. With selling to a cash buyer, both the selling and closing processes are extremely quick.

Fast Evaluation

Cash buyers usually don’t want to keep your home for themselves. They typically buy homes, fix them up if needed, and then resell them as soon as possible. Because this is what they are trying to do, cash buyers will almost always have specific criteria that a house must meet if they are going to seriously consider buying it. They will ask to evaluate your home and check for the things they are looking for. Since they already know what they are looking for, the evaluation process will be very quick.

Negotiations Between You and the Buyer

The next stage of the selling process is to finalize any negotiations between you and the cash buyer. These may include negotiations on price, when exactly you will turn the house over to them, and whether or not you will do any renovations or remodeling on the home. Both parties must agree to all negotiations before you close on an offer.

Closing Within Weeks

Once all negotiations have been decided on, the selling process is pretty much finished. There aren’t usually any real estate agents involved when selling to a cash buyer, so all parties directly involved in the transaction have agreed to all negotiations. This makes closing very simple. In fact, most cash buyers are able to close within weeks of agreeing on a price and any negotiations. The full price you were offered will be in your bank account as soon as the deal is closed.

The entire selling and closing process when working with a cash buyer can sometimes be done in as little as one month. If you are wanting to sell your home quickly, you can take almost complete control over that timeline by selling to a cash buyer. Selling to a cash buyer saves you valuable time and money.

To learn more about what is involved in the simple closing process when selling to a cash buyer, reach out to We Buy Houses here today.

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