How Long Does a Cash Sale Take?

One of the many reasons people choose to sell to a cash buyer is that it is a much faster process. Just how quick is this process though? Before selling, you should research what sort of timeframe you should expect. 

Finding a Buyer and Negotiating a Price 

Your sale begins when you find a buyer. The process of actually finding a buyer can vary depending on the type of buyer you go with. If you want to work with an individual buyer such as a house flipper, it may take longer to find them. After finding a buyer, you will then need to negotiate a price. This can be a short process or it may take a few days. Working with a home buying company is much more direct. You simply find a company that you believe is reputable, enter the details of your home, and then receive a fast cash offer. Most companies will give you an offer in just 24 hours and then you can get started on the sale. 

Title Transfer and Escrow Services 

Once your buyer has made an earnest offer on your home, you can begin actually transferring the property. First, you will need to initiate a title search. A title company will search for the title of your home and make sure the sale can go forward. They will look for any outstanding liens or even potential heirs of the home. The title search process typically only takes a couple of days. In addition to working with a title company, you will also need to hire an escrow company. They will hold the money for the sale until closing and they will also be a third party that will facilitate the sale. At this point, there isn’t much more you need to do unless the buyer requests an appraisal or inspection to be done. If they do, plan for about a week to schedule it and then a few hours for it to be completed. 

Closing On the Sale

Your last step in the sale process is actually closing on the sale. At this time, you and the buyer will sign all the necessary paperwork. The money for the sale will be transferred to you. There are closing costs that you will need to pay including local and state taxes and all necessary fees. Closing often only takes a few hours to complete. 

Each sale will have individual circumstances that change how long the sale takes. However, most cash sales can be completed in as little as a week. It’s a fast process that allows sellers to have their homes taken off their hands. 

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