How Cash Home Buyers Skip Appraisals, Making MLS Listings Seem Outdated

In the fast-paced world of real estate, efficiency, and speed are highly valued by sellers. Traditional real estate transactions often involve multiple steps, including the appraisal process, which can lead to delays and uncertainty. Cash home buyers offer a modern solution by skipping appraisals altogether. We explore the efficiency and benefits of appraisal-free transactions provided … Continued
House As-Is

How Do I Sell My House As-Is?

You need to sell your house, but as you look around you see nothing but projects that need to be done. Maintenance, repairs, and renovations can come with a hefty price tag, to say nothing of the time they can take to complete. If all of that seems overwhelming, you could choose to sell your … Continued

3 Things That Can Happen to a House in Probate

As of this time last year, a majority of homes in the United States (about 54%) were owned by those 55 years old and older. That’s a lot of homes with owners who will likely pass away sooner rather than later (at least when compared to homeowners belonging to younger generations). When a homeowner passes … Continued

How Sellers Benefit by Selling for Cash

There are several reasons why sellers benefit by selling for cash. Here are three of the most important benefits that sellers receive when they sell their property for cash. If you are thinking about selling your property, it is important to consider selling for cash.  No Commissions to Pay When you sell your home, there … Continued

Why Should I Sell to a Cash Buyer?

Selling your home can be a long and stressful process. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. A cash sale can make the process much easier and you can have your home taken off your hands with less stress.  Sell in 30 Days or Less The main draw of a cash sale is … Continued

How Long Does a Cash Sale Take?

One of the many reasons people choose to sell to a cash buyer is that it is a much faster process. Just how quick is this process though? Before selling, you should research what sort of timeframe you should expect.  Finding a Buyer and Negotiating a Price  Your sale begins when you find a buyer. … Continued

Closing Costs in a Cash Sale

While there are many benefits to a cash sale, one of the main draws is the fact that it’s cheaper than a traditional sale. There are fewer closing costs, but that doesn’t mean there are none. You still have a few expenses to keep in mind.  Taxes  One thing you need to be aware of … Continued

I’m behind on Payments–Can a Home Buying Company Help Me?

If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, you need a solution without delay. Some homeowners can negotiate a mutually agreeable solution with their lenders. For other homeowners, however, the best solution may be to sell the house. If you want to avoid foreclosure, you have to move fast. Have you considered selling your home … Continued

Why and How to Sell Your Home As-Is

When you sell your home, there are things you need to do before you can even list your home. One of these is completing any repairs that your home needs. To avoid the expensive repairs that would normally come with selling your home, consider selling your home as-is. Benefits of Selling As-Is There are many … Continued

The Three Outcomes for a House in Probate

Probate is the process that an individual’s belongings go through after their passing. During this, an executor of the estate will work with the courts to divide up the assets among heirs. These three outcomes are the most likely ones you’ll see for a home in probate. Direct Transfer to an Heir The first and … Continued