What Repairs Are Necessary When Selling to a Cash Buyer?

In home ownership, repairs can be one of the costliest aspects. Typically, people assume that they have to finish all repairs before selling their homes. However, at least when you sell to a cash buyer, you don’t always have to complete all repairs or renovations.

Negotiate With the Buyer

Cash buyers are individual buyers with large amounts of money set aside specifically for purchasing homes. They make a profit off of buying and reselling the property, so they have sufficient funds to pay you in full for your home. Because cash buyers are looking to eventually make a profit off of your home, they usually have different criteria that they want your home to meet. They may be willing to buy your home with little or no repairs if the price is right and they can fix it up to their own liking. When talking with a cash buyer, you can negotiate how much of the repairs—if any—you will complete before selling to them.

Effect on Offer Price

Because it can be very costly to do repairs, especially if they are major or structural repairs, this variable will affect the offer prices you receive. If a cash buyer chooses to buy your home with you completing none or very few or minor repairs, their offer price might be lower than it would have otherwise been. This is to factor in for the money they will need to spend completing the repairs themselves.

Selling As-Is to a Cash Homebuying Company

Cash home buying companies are a subset of regular cash buyers. Instead of having to discuss how many repairs need to be done before selling to regular cash buyers in negotiation, you can count on selling your home as-is to a cash home buying company. This means that you don’t need to do any repairs whatsoever and can complete the selling process much more quickly.

Avoiding repairs can be very beneficial when selling your home. You may experience lower offer prices, but if you work with a reputable cash buyer or cash home buying company, you are still getting a great deal for your home. Additionally, you save yourself lots of time, stress, and money that would have gone into completing repairs.

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