How Do You Tell If a Cash Home Buying Company Is Legitimate?

If you’ve considered selling your house to a cash home buying company, you may have looked around a bit to see who to sell your house to. There are a bunch of different companies out there that claim to be able to buy your home fast for cash. But are they all legitimate? Some companies might be out to scam unsuspecting homeowners to make a quick buck. So, how do you tell if a cash home buying company is legitimate?

They Have Happy Clients

A legitimate cash home buying company will have happy clients and people they can use as references. If they’re scammers, you can bet that they’ll have a lot more dissatisfied and angry customers and reviews than happy or good ones. Look at the company’s reviews, any testimonials they might have on their website, and their BBB rating. Feel free to ask for references as well.

They Want to See the House

Legitimate cash home buying companies are usually looking for properties that they can use as investments. They may intend to fix and flip them or rent them out for a time to make money off of them. In order for this business model to work for the company, they need to choose the properties they buy carefully. That’s hard to do without seeing the house. If a company is legitimate, they’ll probably want to see the house themselves before making an offer.

Their Payment Makes Sense

One of the scams that bad actors like to pull is to provide payment before the sale process is completed or to pay with a check for more than the agreed-upon amount. They’ll then ask for you to send the money back or refund them a portion of the payment. The problem is that their payment won’t ever go through, and you’ll be out any money you send them for good. Think carefully about any payments you’re given. If they seem suspicious or raise any red flags, you could be getting scammed. Legitimate companies will pay you the amount that was agreed upon and won’t ask you for money back. Their payment methods and timing will make sense and fit in with the normal sales process.

You don’t want to find yourself the victim of an unscrupulous home buying company. Keep yourself, your home, and your money safe and secure by researching any company you think about selling to. That will help you decide if they are a legitimate company to whom you can safely sell your house.

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